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JAN. ’15 UPDATE: IN STOCK!!! Finally after a shocking 6 month hiatus my suppler finally got some in again. As usual I make a big point to them to keep it up, but the same passion didn’t get them back any quicker so there’s no telling if they’ll stay around all year or not…

RATALU Indian Purple Jam IN STOCK Early This Year

These always go fast, I always run out, but they’re here early this year at least. This year I have a huge planter that have been growing all year so will finally have a buffer stock for the orders that manage to still come in by the time I confirm my supplier is sold out […]

(End of Year) Endless-Sale

Tis the Season-less SALE Coupon Code for all end of 2014 sales: endless-sale (during checkout) As an added feature orders over $25 get a personal coupon code for 10% all orders thru next year… and orders over $100 get a personal coupon code for 15% all orders thru next year. So enter endless-sale (during checkout) […]