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Purple Cherimoya Fresh Fruit Ready To Ship But Wont Last

ACT FAST: We’ve spotted Purple Cherimoya, for the first time. To be included in the EXOTIC TROPICAL FRUIT PICKS OF THE WEEK box, but they wont last long. Would be shocked to see it last more than a week, and tat they’re the most expensive fruit we’ve encountered the only reason they might last more than […]

Decentralized Urban Farming

from: Our food system is extremely centralized;  Services like BK Farmyards, LandShare, hyperlocavore and Sharing Backyards use social media and Google maps to connect urban landowners with urban farmers. But this is just scratching the surface, an entire alternative agriculture system is emerging that’s based on local production, processing, and distribution. Farm Hack from farmrun on Vimeo. FarmHack is an open-source, online platform […]